#66: Ryan Gill — founder of Cult, The Gathering, and Communo — on creating awards and hosting events to build your influence

What started as a ploy to increase his client count quickly turned into a mission to deliver value. The result was Ryan’s annual Gathering event. In today’s episode, get Ryan’s tips for hosting a memorable, impactful event that leaves you eager to do it again and again. Also, don’t miss Josh and Ryan’s personal chat about the benefits of humble beginnings.

#65: Whitney Johnson — bestselling author, executive coach, innovative thinker — gives tips on writing and launching a book

Brainstorming, researching, and writing are all parts of producing a successful book. But there are other things you could and should be doing — right now! — if you’re considering authoring a book. Get Whitney’s book-writing tips and learn about her most recent book in today’s episode.

#64: Chris Ducker, author of Virtual Freedom and founder of Youpreneur, on future-proofing your career

“Ultimately, your customers will shape the way your business grows in the future.” Chris’ new book, The Rise of the Youpreneur, is a perfect example of this. Get the full story in today’s episode. Also, learn Chris’ strategy for how to launch a book and get Amazon reviews right out of the gate.

#63: Josh Steimle, founder of MWI and Influencer Inc., gives three questions each beginning influencer should answer

Josh produced content for years before getting any significant notice. His writing for Forbes and other notable publications put him and MWI on the map. In today’s episode, get the full back story on Josh Steimle, your Influencer Summit host.




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#62: Wendy Maynard, marketing strategist and consultant, gives tips on building a strong foundation

As co-founder of Kinesis, Portland’s award-winning marketing agency, Wendy has years of success under her belt, and she understands the importance of staying focused and not getting overwhelmed with all the tools and possibilities. In today’s episode, Wendy reveals the marks of a business and a pet peeve she has with certain online marketers.

#61: Chirag Kulkarni, founder of Taco and contributing writer for ReadWrite, Fortune Magazine, and many others, gives a blueprint for building your influence

Chirag became a Huffington Post contributor around the age of 18 and had firmly established his expertise as a marketer within a couple of years. But this is no overnight success story. Chirag began his career at the age of 13, and in today’s episode, he spells out the best way to get started.

#60: Chris Snook — author, keynote speaker, and managing partner of Launch Haus — reveals how he transitioned from business failure to success

Chris is a “venture catalyst and a brand humanizer.” His own journey has followed a pattern of building businesses after writing a book. Learn more about Chris’ influencer journey and his unusual favorite books list in today’s episode.

#59: Jenn Herman, Instagram marketing expert, gives foundational tips for building your influence on Instagram

Jenn holds down a regular brick-and-mortar job while being a mom and also building her influencer career. She writes, blogs, and speaks on Instagram. In today’s episode, get Jenn’s tips on what to do — and what not to do — with Instagram marketing.

#58: Ben Settle, leader in email-based copywriting, gives tips on finding your market

Ben has engineered his life and business so that the main part of his day is writing a single, daily email for his list. Listen in to get Ben’s tips on how to find your market and listen to your audience so that you can deliver what they’re looking for.



#57: Bryan Kramer, keynote speaker, author, and CEO of Purematter, on bringing the human factor into marketing

Whether you’re promoting a business, an idea, or a personal brand, don’t overlook the importance of the keeping it human. After all, in the long run, it’s about relationships. In today’s episode, Bryan lays out the influencer path he would take if he had to start over today.

#56: Geoff Smart, CEO of ghSMART and author of Who, lists essential focus areas for aspiring influencers

Geoff’s business is largely about building and leading teams and the importance of the people you hire. Having a global team of 85 people himself, learn how Geoff harnesses his team to grow his business and his influence.

#55 Bay McLaughlin, co-founder of Brinc, gives tips on beginning your journey as an influencer

Bay is an entrepreneur in the early stages of his journey as an influencer. Join us on this episode as Bay shares what’s working for him as he builds his personal brand and expands his network, and how he’s generating ROI on his efforts.

#54: Alex Charfen, creator of the Entrepreneurial Personality Type movement, digs deep into personality types and motivations

Had a hard day? Then don’t miss this episode. If you have a desire to change the world, Alex’s message is for you. Being a mover and shaker often means being lonely and misunderstood. Might want to have some Kleenex handy…

#53: Matthew Sweetwood, CEO of beBee, gives tips on building a social media based personal brand

It’s true that you can’t be everything to everyone and that you need to have a niche and speak in your own voice. But are you ready to be controversial? In today’s episode, hear Matt’s caution and his advice regarding potentially sensitive topics.

#52: Leonard Kim, cofounder of Influence Tree, on the power of vulnerability and storytelling

Leonard was going nowhere. He started writing about all his problems, and the world started paying attention. Leonard built his personal brand through storytelling. In today’s episode, get his four keys to writing success.

#51: Austin Fabel, producer of the Science of Success podcast, gives practical advice for new podcasters

A podcast should be good for all involved: the guest, the audience, and the host. In today’s episode learn how to make sure your guest is a good fit for your audience. Also, learn what keeps new podcasters from gaining traction.

#50: Matt Bodnar, host of The Science of Success Podcast, on the hidden benefit of interviewing little-known guests

Matt has interviewed over 100 guests on his podcast — guests like Ryan Holiday, Megan Bruno, and Tal Ben-Shahar. In today’s episode, he reveals a common theme among his guests. He also explains why your audience may increase more with lesser-known than well-known guests.



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#49: Melanie Deziel, native advertising expert, branded content consultant, and speaker, explains native advertising

With a full speaking schedule and invitations from around the world, Melanie teaches and consults on branded storytelling. Listen in to learn what Melanie wishes she had done differently and what she would do if she had to start over today.

#48: Cheryl Snapp Conner — thought leader, PR specialist, journalist — gives tips on utilizing the “long tail” to build your platform

Amy Morin’s viral “Mentally strong people…” article made an impression on Cheryl, and she wrote a parallel article. Did Amy get miffed? Hardly. Hear the full story in today’s episode. Also, learn how Cheryl was instrumental in the life and career of your host, Josh Steimle.

#47: Dan Kuschell, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and angel investor, discusses the importance of holding true to your core values

You’ve heard it said — “Find your niche. Don’t try to be all things to all people.” Knowing and understanding your own core values with help you focus your influence and go narrow and deep rather than wide and shallow. Tune in to hear the strategy Dan would employ if he were starting his influencer journey today.

#46: Jake Larsen, YouTube Marketing Ambassador and founder of Video Power Marketing, on how he gets 3x return on ad spend for his clients

It’s easy to be intimidated by video, but you can do this. Jake advises that you don’t get bogged down in perfectionism but that you put systems in place to get consistent results. Find out how Jake feels about paying for ads and learn the three things you should do to get started.