About Us

Influence Inc is a publishing, training, and events company that helps executives, entrepreneurs, and working professionals build personal brands and become thought leaders and experts. We focus on skills like public speaking and writing and assist individuals develop expertise in PR, marketing, and social media.

In plain English, most people are good and therefore the more people are empowered to influence each other, the better the world will become. But if people are limited to spreading their message by having to hold down a full time job and do their “influencing” at nights and on weekends, the world is poorer for it. The objective of Influencer Inc is to give people the knowledge, training, and tools to become more influential, and also to help them also make a living doing it so they can influence full time.

Some of the ways we’re doing this include:


The feature of the Influencer Inc website you’re on is the online magazine featuring content contributed by experts on personal branding, thought leadership, public speaking, writing, social media, marketing, and more.


Through events like Influence Summit, our virtual, online event, and Influence Live, our live event coming to Salt Lake City, Utah June 7-8, 2018, we’re bringing experts on influence together to teach how to build influence and businesses.


The Influencer Inc audio experience brings you interviews with thought leaders and experts on the art of influence. Launching November, 2017.

Courses & Masterclasses

Get tactical with our courses and masterclasses like Power Publishing: Contributor, which will teach you how to become a contributor at top business publications.


Executive coaching providing one-on-one attention to those who want in-depth assistance building their personal brands and moving forward developing themselves as thought leaders.


From podcast management to ghostwriting to personal brand website design, we have the full support of a premiere digital marketing agency to assist you.