#13: Kristina Libby, marketing professor and entrepreneur, on the power of planning your personal brand

Kristina, CEO of The Social Works Company, discusses the importance of company’s looking for and promoting influencers from within their own brand. Learn the four questions that influencers should revisit and reflect on every six months.

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Every single person has influence, it’s just the size of your influence is different, depending on your audience, your topic, or your own inclination.

Kristina’s business is both an agency and a laboratory that provides:

  • PR and social marketing services for brands
  • Materials to educate on how news spreads online
  • Research on how influencers actually do what they do

Your “social currency” has an impact on your real world value.

Companies should look inward when looking for influencers. They should promote the talent within their own company. There could be more synergy between personal brands and company brands than what we typically see today.

Just because you have an opportunity to speak doesn’t mean it’s the right opportunity. Wait until you genuinely have something to add to the conversation.

Every six months reflect on…

  • What is my brand?
  • What do I talk about?
  • What do I want to talk about?
  • What do I need to become a better expert in?

Favorite Five

  • Book: Traction by Gino Wickman and From Impossible to Inevitable: How Hyper-Growth Companies Create Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin
  • Influencer: Shonda Rhimes
  • Conference, group, or event: Social Shake-Up
  • Preferred social network: Twitter
  • Tool that you can’t live without: Meet Edgar