#15: Jessika Phillips, founder of NOW Marketing, on being a magnet vs. being a bullhorn

Jessika’s marketing agencies and courses focus on building and retaining relationships by telling stories and showing you care. Tune in to learn Jessika’s tool recommendations for membership sites and to learn about the one tool she can’t live without.

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An influencer is a person that inspires action and inspires others to follow their thought process or take action on something.

Now Marketing Group helps build relationships and have conversations with their ideal audience. Her clients are manufacturing, nonprofit agencies, and educators. These sectors have to rely on communication to distinguish themselves.

Relationship marketing is focused on growing repeat and referral business.

Be a magnet (not a bullhorn) by draw people to you.

Jessika’s Relationship Marketing System is a curriculum site that teaches the steps to growing a relationship marketing plan. Magnet Marketers is an online community that provides teaching tools from experts in each field of marketing.

Tools for membership sites:

  • Membership Pro is a WordPress plugin for managing memberships.
  • BombBomb is software that plays video in email.

Relationship Marketing System is a one-time payment offer.
Magnet Marketers is a recurring yearly payment.

Each teacher within the system offers deeper training in their area of expertise for which Jessika receives affiliate benefits.

Jessika has a Facebook Live videocast for Magnet Marketers. She also hosts Social Media Week Lima for around 250 to 300 attendees.

Tip: When you have someone’s attention and trust, make sure you know the products you’re promoting.

What she wishes she had done differently: create video and content in general, in her own voice.

Favorite Five

  • Book: Start with Why by Simon Sinek and anything by Seth Godin
  • Influencer: Simon Sinek
  • Conference, group, or event: Social Media Marketing World
  • Preferred social network: Facebook Messenger
  • Tool that you can’t live without: BombBomb