#17: Jeff Sheehan, B2B marketing expert with over 330,000 Twitter followers, gives tips on differentiating yourself as an influencer

The “godfather” of social media, Jeff is one of the most followed B2B sales and marketing professionals on Twitter. He understands the importance of connecting with your audience and aggressively promoting your personal brand. Find out what Jeff’s strategy would be if he had to start his influencer journey over today.

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Being an influencer is having the ability to create an impression, an awareness, and a call to action among your target audience by utilizing your name or your brand to facilitate. People gravitate to you because of your influencer status.

Jeff considers himself the Godfather of social media.

Jeff primarily works solo though he collaborates with others.

What Jeff wishes he had done differently — promoted himself more aggressively.

Mistakes beginning influencers make: They try to be everything to everyone. They speak on too many topics.

If Jeff had to start over today, he would look at what area has the greatest potential for future growth, choose one or two areas, and specialize accordingly. Jeff would likely focus on analytics. It’s easy to see vanity metrics but knowing your ROI is more involved. Predictive analytics will help you grow your revenue, control costs, and run all aspects of your business productively and financially responsibly.

Favorite Five

  • Book: Up Your Game by David Bradford
  • Influencer: David Bradford
  • Conference, group, or event: IBM events
  • Preferred social network: Twitter
  • Tool that you can’t live without: Nimble


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