#41: Alex Pirouz, founder of Linkfluencer, on leveraging LinkedIn to grow your network and business

Linkfluencer is Australia’s leading LinkedIn training company. Their methodologies are used by the Richard Branson Center of Entrepreneurship. Tune in to hear the three main ways influencers can leverage LinkedIn.

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“Influencer” means making a positive impact in someone else’s life.

Linkfluencer transforms how people social sell on LinkedIn and is building the next generation of influencers using LinkedIn.

Social selling is your ability to connect with someone online, provide value, and sell your service, both on and offline.

Linkfluencer has a 12-month mentoring program that provides support, resources, and a community to help you build your influence and win more clients through LinkedIn. Prices range from $3,000 to $60 grand.

Alex primarily built his business through a combination of university lectures, client case studies, having a consistent brand, podcasts, and writing for publications.

Worst moment/best moment — Alex realized his speaking skills weren’t where they needed to be when, after his first talk on stage, his shirt was wet and he received no applause. After that embarrassing moment, he started training in front of a video camera.

Influencers need to make an impact, have desire, and have patience.

Current projects:

  • Running a program called Influencers
  • Being a mentor at Kidpreneur

3 main ways to leverage LinkedIn:

  • Connect with journalists and editors
  • Connect with and create joint-venture partnerships
  • One-on-one lead generation