#48: Cheryl Snapp Conner — thought leader, PR specialist, journalist — gives tips on utilizing the “long tail” to build your platform

Amy Morin’s viral “Mentally strong people…” article made an impression on Cheryl, and she wrote a parallel article. Did Amy get miffed? Hardly. Hear the full story in today’s episode. Also, learn how Cheryl was instrumental in the life and career of your host, Josh Steimle.

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An Influencer is someone who can amplify your message effectively.

As a PR specialist, Cheryl learned that the best PR consists of stories similar to what you would tell your best friends.

Contributor phenomenon started when it became acceptable for executives and entrepreneurs to contribute directly to the press.

Cheryl wrote and ghost wrote for many executives until she started writing under own name through Forbes. After her Forbes article “The things mentally strong people avoid” (inspired by Amy Morin) went viral, she wrote an eBook and then received a publishing contract with Harpercollins. Cheryl’s viral article (which has more than 10.5 million views) did great things for both her and Amy’s career.

Cheryl works solo, but has some team members. She has a newsletter called The Snappington Post and writes all her own articles.

Worst moment: early in her career, Cheryl placed too much trust in one source, received and published untrue information from that source, and narrowly escaped litigation.

Beginner influencers fail when they expect too much to happen too fast. Instead of being bullish and demanding, they need to earn their way.

Cheryl’s recommendation if you’re just getting started: write about your experiences. Everyone has knowledge that others would like to know. Publish on places like LinkedIn and Medium. Ensure you have a platform to capture the feedback and traction from your articles published.

Favorite Five

  • Book: Entitlement Abolishment by Douglas Andrew
  • Influencer: Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Richie Norton
  • Conference, group, or event: The Brilliant Minds Group of Salt Lake City (an invitation-only group)
  • Preferred social network: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Tool that you can’t live without: Cision