#49: Melanie Deziel, native advertising expert, branded content consultant, and speaker, explains native advertising

With a full speaking schedule and invitations from around the world, Melanie teaches and consults on branded storytelling. Listen in to learn what Melanie wishes she had done differently and what she would do if she had to start over today.

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An influencer is someone who has an expertise or a perspective that they’re ready to share with an audience.

Melanie’s work as a journalist partially consisted of teaching marketers the tools and tactics of journalism. Through that, she did a lot of public speaking and found that she enjoyed it. Her first year speaking, she had 60 engagements. Melanie will speak 45 times this year, and she writes for multiple publications.

Melanie works alone, but she’s considering finding some help.

Something she wishes she had done differently… She would be her own number-one fan and put the self-doubt in check.

Reasons aspiring influencers fail:

  • They lose sight of what’s best for them
  • They don’t have a focus

Melanie’s expertise is in native advertising, which has two definitions:

  • The narrow one — content created in partnership between brands and publishers
  • The broader one — any advertising that is native to its environment

If she had to start over today…

  • She would ask questions to find out what challenges and obstacles people have.
  • Then she would figure out what experience she has that could solve those problems.

Favorite Five

  • Book: All over the Place by Geraldine DeRuiter
  • Influencer: Ted Rubin
  • Conference, group, or event: Content Marketing World and the Native Advertising Institute
  • Preferred social network: Twitter and Instagram Stories
  • Tool that you can’t live without: Todoist and TripIt