#55 Bay McLaughlin, co-founder of Brinc, gives tips on beginning your journey as an influencer

Bay is an entrepreneur in the early stages of his journey as an influencer. Join us on this episode as Bay shares what’s working for him as he builds his personal brand and expands his network, and how he’s generating ROI on his efforts.

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There are a lot of people who call themselves influencers who have no real expertise.

We call Brinc a lifecycle company because no matter where you are, if you’re psyched and want to work in the physical world to innovate, we can actually help.

Being an influencer is two things:

  • Creating content
  • Understanding who you are, who your audience is, and what your gifts are

If Bay says something incorrect on social media, he’s happy to retract it and make it right.

By being in motion and stirring things up, opportunities will present themselves to you.

Naturally at ease in front of the camera, creating live videos have boosted Bay’s following. Videos, more than other media forms, make it easy for your viewers to form a sense of connection and an emotional bond with you.

Bay has closed deals over social media platforms – most recently, Instagram.

Things he wishes had done differently:

  • Start on video five years ago
  • Get help from an intern
  • Spend more time figuring out who his audience is to get a sense of what content they’re looking for

Favorite Five

  • Book: Captivology by Ben Parr
  • Influencer: Philip DeFranco
  • Conference, group, or event: SXSW
  • Preferred social network: Twitter
  • Tool that you can’t live without: iPhone