#56: Geoff Smart, CEO of ghSMART and author of Who, lists essential focus areas for aspiring influencers

Geoff’s business is largely about building and leading teams and the importance of the people you hire. Having a global team of 85 people himself, learn how Geoff harnesses his team to grow his business and his influence.

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An influencer is a person who helps others change their behavior in a way that amplifies their positive impact on the world.

During his college internship, one of Geoff’s bosses told him that thought he was going to be a thought leader one day because he found him very influential and persuading and seemed to have other’s interest in mine. He studied economics and business psychology.

ghSMART was created for a Peter Drucker class during Geoff’s graduate school years as a firm that focused on leadership effectiveness. The basic idea was that the most important decisions business leaders face are not “what” but “who” decisions.

He has 85 team members around the world helping CEOs and investors every day to make better people decisions. In their free time, he and his team write books on how to hire and lead teams

His books have been game-changing in obtaining clients when trying to establish himself as an expert. They’ve also lead to speaking gigs.

On whether to charge for speaking gigs: Geoff recommends charging sooner in your career than later, but always let the client know that you’re happy to refund their fee if they’re not fully satisfied.

Geoff’s gets help from others with writing books:

  • His team collects the research/data
  • He has a team of two or three for writing and editing
  • Geoff likes working with co-authors for both structure and promotion

We all fail, and you just have to get used to it. You can’t get great until you’re ready to fail along your journey.

Advice for beginner influencers:

  • Have a specific focus early on
  • Collect email addresses from followers

Favorite Five

  • Book: Co-Active Coaching by Henry Kimsey-House, Karen Kimsey-House, Laura Whitworth, and Phillip Sandahl
  • Influencer: Tony Robbins
  • Conference, group, or event: Young Presidents Organization, EO (Entrepreneurs Organization)
  • Preferred social network: Constant Contact for Email lists, LinkedIn
  • Tool that you can’t live without: Constant Contact