#60: Chris Snook — author, keynote speaker, and managing partner of Launch Haus — reveals how he transitioned from business failure to success

Chris is a “venture catalyst and a brand humanizer.” His own journey has followed a pattern of building businesses after writing a book. Learn more about Chris’ influencer journey and his unusual favorite books list in today’s episode.

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An influencer is someone who has directional and decision-making control over a group of people.

Background: played football in college and then pursued entrepreneurship, failing at first. Launch Haus manages the portfolios of 8 or 9 companies, and growing.

Wrote Personal Trainer’s Burnout, which lead to speaking engagements and backend sales. He’s now written five books. He learns about a topic, writes a book, and then builds a business in that space.

Your word is only as good as your last activity. Sometimes it takes you way longer to keep your word than you’d like.

Chris wishes he had figured out database management sooner.

In the beginning, he chased what was fun and interesting but didn’t necessarily understand the value of opportunity.

Favorite Five

  • Book: The Creature from Jekyll Island by Edward Griffin, The Fourth Turning by Neil Howe and William Strauss, and The Watchman’s Rattle by Rebecca D. Costa
  • Influencer: The Rock, Gerd Leonhard
  • Conference, group, or event: The next one and then the next one
  • Preferred social network: LinkedIn
  • Tool that you can’t live without: Huawei Mate 9 phone, GarageBand, Squarespace